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If your face, jaw, nose, or neck do not look the way you want as a result of nature, disease, or injury, the oral and maxillofacial surgeons at the Desert Maxillofacial Center can help you. Surgeries and other procedures done on the face are not just a matter of vanity.

  • Facial and jaw deformities or missing or misaligned teeth can influence your bite and cause you pain.
  • Saggy skin or wrinkles can change your appearance can make you look older than you feel.
  • Cleft lip and palate can impact both speech and appearance.
  • Protruding ears, a poorly protruding chin, or a large nose can cause you social distress.
  • Abnormalities of the face or skull as a result of birth defects, traumatic injury, or cancers can improve appearance and the function of the mouth, jaw, and sensory organs.

By putting yourself in the hands of an expert surgeon, you can make a change that will change your life.

Placing Your Confidence In The Right Surgeon

Whether you have Botox® or Juvederm® ejections in-your-face, jaw surgery, or complex craniofacial construction, you want assurance that you are putting yourself in the hands of a competent surgeon.

Drs. Scheer and Jugan have years of experience in performing dental implants and complex facial and jaw reconstructions and realignments, as well as cosmetic procedures.

The pictures that follow show before and after shots of our patients who have experienced many of the surgeries and procedures you might be considering. You can come to the Desert Maxillofacial Center with confidence knowing that you are entrusting yourself and your future to an expert.

For an appointment, call us at 760-837-1515.

Modified Facelift – Blepharoplasty – Maxillofacial Liposuction – Osseous Genioplasty – Laser Resurfacing
Orthognathic Surgery – Modified Facelift – Liposuction – Laser
Modified Facelift – Laser Resurfacing
Modified Facelift – Laser Resurfacing
Modified Facelift – Laser Resurfacing
Modified Facelift – Blepharoplasty, Maxillofacial Liposuction, Osseous Genioplasty, Laser Resurfacing – 1 Year Post-op
Orthognathic Reconstructive Surgery – Submalar Implants
Multi-staged OMFS Reconstruction
Laser Skin Resurfacing
Modified Facelift – Blepharoplasty – Eyebrow Lift – Laser Resurfacing
Orthognathic Surgery – Genioplasty
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