Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Your face is how others remember you, so you owe it to yourself to always put the best face forward. Whether you are dissatisfied with a feature such as your nose or chin or displeased with how age has affected your face, modern cosmetic surgery techniques can help you improve your appearance. Once thought to be only for movie stars, modern facial cosmetic techniques are readily available to everyone.

At the Desert Maxillofacial Center, Doctors Peter Scheer and Dr. Milan Jugan perform a range of surgical and noninvasive techniques to improve or refine facial features, while removing some of the signs of age.

Why Consider Facial Surgery

The changes in the face that accompany aging may make you look older than you feel. While you cannot stop the aging process, a variety of surgical and minimally invasive procedures are now available to erase the years. In the hands of competent facial surgeons, Peter Scheer and Dr. Milan Jugan, you can once again look more like your more youthful self.

Even though you may have earned every wrinkle on your face, having loose skin, excessive wrinkles, and sagging eyelids can affect the way you view yourself, as well as the way others view you. Facial cosmetic surgery may offer you a boost in self-esteem.

Even if premature aging is not a concern for you, you may not like the nose or chin you were born with or you may have suffered facial distortion as a result of an accident. The shape of such facial features can even distort your ability to breathe or chew correctly. Our team will use computer technology to show you how you might look with features of a different size and shape, so that you know exactly what the effect of the procedures would be.

Our Procedures At The Desert Maxillofacial Center

The cosmetic procedures that we do with the Desert Maxillofacial Center to improve the appearance of the skin include:


Tighten loose skin and remove excess skin and fat under the chair, or jaw.

Brow lifts

Smooth wrinkles on the bridge of the nose and minimize creases across the forehead.


or eyelid surgery tightens the skin above the eyes, to improve the appearance of the eyelids

Medical skin care

offers facials, chemical peels, enzyme treatments, and other services to improve the appearance and tone of the skin.

Cosmetic facial fillers

using Juvederm® injectable gel, restores skin volume and smoothes wrinkles and smile lines.

Laser treatments

improve the overall appearance of skin by removing age spots, scars, wrinkles, and more with laser beams.

Botox® Cosmetic

reverses the effects of facial wrinkles, worry lines, crows feet, and lifelines through injections administered two or three times a year.

Other Facial Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Scheer and Jugan also undertake procedures to change the appearance of the face, such as:


reduces the size, bridge, tips and nostrils of the nose for appearance, proportion, and better functioning


modifies appearance of the chin by making it more proportional to other facial features or by building it up


fixes ears that are protruding or misshapen and address structural defects.

If you are thinking of facial cosmetic surgery, you owe it to yourself to book an appointment at the Desert Maxillofacial Center today at 760-837-1515.

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