Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. Scheer,

CorzineandthecouchI write this letter with great appreciation to your undeniable talent as an outstanding doctor, surgeon and sculpture. To any woman her most valued asset as she matures is the ability to retain a youthful glow and facial beauty, therefore her maintaining her confidence both physically and mentally.

However, there are few surgeons who can restore the natural beauty and adjust any imperfections without obvious detection. This was something I was looking for but never felt comfortable with any of the surgeons I interviewed.

After our consultation I decided you had mastered the conservative approach to refresh what was once a healthy glow of an appropriate age.

Every morning when I look into my mirror, I think of you and say, “thank you Dr. Scheer”. The results achieved from my surgery was beyond any expectations.

The true measure of your success is when I see friends I haven’t seen for a period of time. The first thing they do is look at me very carefully and say, “Nancy you look fabulous and so rested”. It gives me such pleasure to tell them, “I haven’t been working as hard and getting more rest”.

I wish every woman, or man for that matter, could have the opportunity to experience this youthful glow and restored confidence. Your incredible talent has rolled back the hands of time at least fifteen years.

Many thanks from a grateful patient.

Wishing you many years of continued success,

– Nancy Corzine

Where to start?  At this age events come and go as does our daily life.  For me the lucky day was when I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Peter Scheer – even a surprise to me as it popped out of my mouth as my husband has been a patient for 10 years or so.  Personally for at least 10 years it seems friends and I get up to try and look our best as we tug on our cheeks to see how we used to look without the sagging wrinkles and lip lines.  Perhaps, if you are reading this, you know that feeling.

Well the pictures reveal only a small amount of the excitement of after the surgery excitement I feel.  Again I am comfortable in my skin. This could not have happened if not for Dr Scheer and his incredible knowledge and talent not to mention his staff and facility.  Top Drawer. The best. The most incredible experience and at 2 months after the surgery it only improves daily..

Now getting up and trying to look my best is much more fun. I am one of those that does not feel old even though age is unstoppable. With Dr. Scheer’s assistance now we can look as young as we feel.

I sincerely thank you and your staff.

– Elizabeth Schukei




Thanks for your very nice contribution to other men’s jealousy.

-Robert Strain

To the entire staff,

I am in a state of “in gratitude” over my experience with the Desert Maxillofacial Center.

I want to acknowledge everyone I interfaced with at Desert Maxillofacial Center.  The amount of patient/client interaction with staff has been, and continues to be, a satisfying experience — staff that is very “user friendly” and very “patient oriented”.

Sitting in the waiting room I observed and over heard other customers being treated well.  This high level of consumer satisfaction is truly the standard being set by all the staff.

I also love the way staff members support each other which promotes a real team effort.

I subscribe to the theory that the company’s tone, setting, standards, expectations and levels of performance are initiated from the head of the company – being Dr. Scheer.

From the first time I met you, Dr. Scheer, I found you engaging, easy to talk to, a good listener, professional, informative and trusting.  Your credentials are beyond compare and you have accomplished much.

You have left your thumbprint on your organization from a staff and technology standpoint.

Bottom line, I am pleased with my operation and I am very confident that in the months ahead we will reach the goal to replace my upper plate with a much better dental option — utilizing the implants.

Again, I express a sincere thank you.

In Gratitude,

Pat McGivern

It is with a great sense of gratitude and appreciation that I am putting my thoughts on paper to thank Dr. Peter Scheer, Dr. Milan Jugan, and their staff for providing me with outstanding service and top-quality health care at Desert Maxillofacial Center.

From the moment I walked into Dr. Scheer’s office for my first consultation, I was highly impressed with the welcoming atmosphere and with the great level of efficiency that the office is managed.  The receptionists, Sonia and Denisse, are the ultimate professionals; from their dress to the friendly and respectful way in which they interact with all the patients.

Two other great assets to Desert Maxillofacial Center are Justyn and Martin, the medical technicians.  These young men are very competent and knowledgeable.  They were always well-prepared and knew exactly what they needed to do to follow my medical care plan.  The wonderful organization in the office, as well as Justyn’s and Martin’s efficiency, were big factors to guarantee a successful appointment.  In all my visits to Dr. Scheer’s/Dr. Jugan’s office, before and after my operation, I never had to wait more than five minutes to be seen by the doctor.

Waiting for months to have a major surgery can often cause a mental inner struggle; many doubts and “what ifs” may cross one’s mind.  I want to thank Dr. Scheer for giving me the key element to eliminate all my doubts: TRUST! During the months of pre-surgery preparation, I was amazed with Dr. Scheer’s incredible attention to detail, and with the excellent level of collaboration between him and Dr. Jugan.  They both discussed and developed a great surgical plan for me using state of the art technology.  In addition, Dr. Scheer and Dr. Jugan worked very closely with Dr. Mina Narula, my orthodontist.  These three superior professionals ensured that every procedure was done properly and as planned.  What an extraordinary team they make!

Eight weeks after orthognathic surgery, I can proudly say that I am having astounding results!  Dr. Peter Scheer and Dr. Milan Jugan did a remarkable job correcting my under bite/cross bite.  Furthermore, my recovery went very smoothly with minimum swelling and discomfort.  To conclude,  I want to acknowledge Dr. Scheer’s capacity to make patients feel special and cared for throughout the entire treatment.  Dr. Scheer followed up with me at home the evening of my surgery.  With my grandson Alex “assisting” him, this was one of the doctor and patient moments that I will forever treasure.  The fact that Dr. Scheer took time out of his busy schedule to make a home visit is a testament to the high quality health care he provides to his patients; and to the great pride he takes in his exceptional work.

With Great Appreciation,

– Anna Harris


I am certain that you created many appreciated “miracles” last week at the Indio dental fair, not just mine.  Your “karma” rating is off the charts for what you contribute to the world.

You are AMAZING and I thank you for your consideration in referring me to Dr. Strain who filled 11 (yes, eleven) teeth in one meeting.  Not a nanosecond of pain following the procedure, by the way.  I have four more big ones, molars, yet remaining with no immediate solution yet but at least I am 3/4 in a better place.  

I wrote a testimonial, long overdue, for you on YELP and have submitted one now to Claudia/Denisse for your own website.

Again, thank and a HUGE HUG for a grateful patient.

-P. Cymet


Dr Scheer,

It has been somewhat difficult to sit down and write you a letter because there are not enough words or phrases to express what you have done for me.  Your compassion and generosity has changed my life. Because of you, I’m able to smile, go to parent-teacher conferences at my daughter’s school without being ashamed, carry on conversations and speak up at work or in public, sing at church and the list goes on and on.  I understand I still have ways to go with my mouth but since this process has began MY LIFE HAS BEGUN TO CHANGE.  I thank you for helping me and will forever remember all that you have done for me.  Because of you I can now live life.  From the bottom of my heart, mind and soul: THANK YOU!

-Star Ruiz

Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Even though I had just a minor procedure performed, Dr. Scheer and his entire staff treated me with the utmost respect. Dr. Scheer and Justyn were patient and compassionate as they explained the procedure and wound care not only to me but to my husband as well. I will definitely be going to Dr. Scheer and Dr. Jugan for all future oral and maxillofacial work. Rest assured that this offiice will give you the best possible care.

– Lori S 

I was VERY impressed with the total experience. Every question was answered thoroughly. I wish that all doctors and their staffs were like this. I even got a phone call from Dr. Jugan asking how I was doing. I’ve never had a doctor do that before!!!!

– Stan W 

I was referred to Dr Jugan by a friend. I came in for my consultation, I left really liking Dr Jugan. he was honest & straight to the point. I had a wisdom tooth that had gone into the jaw line & rapped around the nerve. Dr Jurgan told me that when he does the procedure I had a better chance of the jaw braking then not when pulling the tooth out. Coming in for my surgery Denisse called answered all my questions & made me fell real comfortable for surgery. The day of surgery Dr Jugan removed my wisdom tooth with out breaking my jaw. I cant tell you how happy I was. I was not looking forward to have my jaw wired shut!! In my opinion, I could not find a better staff to do my operation. After the operation, that night Dr Jurgan himself called me at home at 5:30 to see how I was doing. when is the last time the actual doctor called your house to check on you & told me not to hesitate to call if I had any problems. Dr Jurgan & Denisse went above & beyond the call of duty. From start to finish this experience was the best. Thank you all to the best staff of Dr Jurgan.


I am very fortunate being a dentist, and able to chose in my opinion the very best oral surgeon I know to extract two teeth and place implants to replace them. Dr.Scheer is the most gentle and caring person one will find in any medical field, along with being the most skilled in his profession. The office staff makes you feel most welcome, and it is obvious how much they care about each patient. Thank you Dr. Scheer for taking such good care of me, and the patients I refer Donald A. Frier D.D.S..


I had a very pleasant experience, and I hope anyone reading this does too.

– Ruben A

Since this was my second implant experience I was hesitant and anxious about the procedure. I had my first implant procedure 10yrs before up in Washington State. Day of surgery I found myself completely at ease as Alex explained what I was to expect. It definitely was a relaxing atmosphere and Dr. Jugan could not be more a source of trust and confidence. I would always recommend his services. Thank you to all the staff.


Overall the BEST doctors office I have ever had the PLEASURE of being a part of. While my medical issue was unpleasant, Denisse and Claudia at the front desk made me feel at ease from the moment I walked thru the door. The two young men Justyn and James were just as great completing their tasks in the exam areas. You come close to feeling like they have know you before you visit with the wonderful way you are treated. All four are on the spot when it comes to teamwork, The hand offs were smooth and professional while addressing my care. Each one asked if there was anything else they could do at each stage of care, everytime. Dr. Scheer was very knowledgeable and professional with a caring voice and the mannerism to go along. His treatment I received from him was exceptional. I have already referred 2 other people to the office and my surgery was only 2 weeks ago. The office should give lessons to other doctors offices on how to be run and how to treat their patients. If ever needed again, this will be the only place I will take my family or myself. Thank you for what you all do, D. Lopez

– Danny L

Our Latest Patient Testimonial

if you need dental work done, this is the place.


All the staff including Dr. Jugan made me really comfortable and welcomed.

– Marissa N

Staff was very knowledgeable and courteous. Really made me feel at ease.

– Marisela N

Dr. Scheer is the best of the best! He reconstructed my jaw, placed 13 implants and gave me a beautiful smile! I will forever be grateful for his expertise!

– Jackie L

An excellent experience. Dr. Scheer and his staff treated me as a person rather than just a name on an appointment schedule. I highly recommend.

– Sandra G

The location is beautiful and clean. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. My daughter was in for 4 wisdom teeth extractions and she was very concerned about the I.V. and going under a local anesthetic. Will (Anesthesiologist) came in and spoke directly with our daughter Kayleigh explaining the procedure and easing her nerves. I found this really helped our daughter to be comfortable and prepared for surgery. We would recommend this office wholeheartedly.

– Kimberly V.

I was so nervous about going in but my experience here with the staff and doctor was extremely calming and everyone made me feel so much better about being there.

– Liliana F

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